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Diva Choice About Us

I am Tricia Blake, owner and founder of Diva Choice.

Before I started my business I worked as Travel Agent before tragedy struck my family.

My three older brothers and my father had all passed away all within a close proximity of each other. In 2002 My First brother passed away and then my father 6 months later. Then in 2008 my second sibling passed and then the third 6 months after that. Understandably this was a lot for me to cope with, half of my family and support system had gone and I didn’t want to burden other family members with my grief. For months afterwards friends noticed that I was becoming very agitated and depressed.

During this difficult time a friend suggested that I took regular long hot relaxing baths to reduce my stress levels. It seemed like a simplistic idea to a big problem but I followed the advice adding candles and Bath salts for effect. I immediately felt better and stronger. I continued with this routine and used it as a way to reconnect with myself.

I ramped up my bath-times with petals, luxury bath oils, body butters, mani/pedis and luxury lingerie. It made me feel amazing and ready to take on the world.

As my grief began to heal, I started to study our movements as women in general; we are busy being mothers, building our careers, dealing with the rigours of life and hardly take the time to de-stress and relax. Once we feel good about ourselves, everything else around us falls into place.

We are living in the 5 minute shower generation, baths are seen as a time consuming activity, yet it is one of the most cost effective ways to have ‘me’ time and the best place to relax and reflect. I then became inspired to encourage women to make room for that time; I wanted to make bath times a luxury event that can take place at home destination. I decided to create Diva Choice as a result.

The ethos of Diva Choice is for Women to reconnect with their inner beauty via bath-time and encourage love for self through pampering and Lingerie. Diva Choice retails luxury beauty products, such as cupcake inspired Bath melts made with the finest ingredients; Shea butter, Coco Butter and Essential Oils. We also provide beautifully crafted Lingerie and offer a range of services that include pampering, Bespoke Gift Boxes, Personal Lingerie styling and much more.

We have just recently launched a Jewellery collection along with swimwear.  We also retail women’s clothing and accessories.

Since starting the business I have had great success with mothers and entrepreneurs who do not have time for even a weekend break and can take full advantage of the ‘at home vacation’. These women often purchase gift packages for their friends who have now become regular customers.

As a company we have opened pop up shops as a way to promote our brand, locations include

Westfield’s – Stratford
Carlton Street – Euston
Oxford Street – London

We have also hosted annual presentations in locations such as the Park Plaza Hotel, Westminster We have also taken part in major fashion events such as Fuze Bristol.